What sorts of team sports are there?

Most teenagers who take part in sport do team sports. There is a huge variety of team sports and their popularity depends on the country and culture. Among the more popular team sports are: football (soccer), basketball, volleyball and rugby. Each sport has different benefits that are specific to the sport.

How do team sports benefit over other sports?

Team sports usually train your endurance and stamina aswell as give you a mild power training. Some sports train some aspects more than other sports. For example in rugby the upper body is used substantially more than in football. But what makes a team sport so different than going to the gym or jogging? It's the team. Being a part of a team gives you a chance to socialise with other people outside school. It also gives a sense of bolonging to the small community that is your team. Although not always, a team is a comfortable environment in which you and your teammates work together to achieve something. In team sports there is always some sort of competition to be won. Usually it has something to do with points that can be scored/achieved in various ways depending on the sport (e.g. in basketball the ball must be thrown inside the hoop to get points). Competion is for many people very fun and could even be enjoyed by spectators like friends and family.

But sometime competition can do one harm. Some teenagers become obssesd to become the best. When one of their peers is better than them, they take extreme and harmful measures to try and surpass their teammates or opponents. Such measures are: unhealthy diets, overtraining and taking physically inhancing drugs. Also they could lack self-esteem and confidence.