What's Power Training?

Power training is a form of training that excersises your muscles and makes them stronger and more durable. Each training would consist of various excersises which would each train a muscle(s) or muslce group(s). In power training you do not excesise cardio (like jogging) that makes your heart beat very fast and therefore does not help your endurance and stamina condition. In power training you could use free-standing weight (e.g. bench pressing), weight machines, own weight or elastic and hydrolic resistance.

Is it good/safe for these age?

In the talks of the safety and health of the children and teenagers doing sport in the past years, power training and weight lifting has been often brought up as a subject. It is believed that power training with weights, machines and other apparatus is potentially damaging for the children's epiphyseal which is a kind of cartilage growth plate that allow growth of the bone in length. This would mean that a teenager would stop growing or slow down in growth rate. Doing power training with your own weight, however, is thought to do no harm. Excersises with your own weight such as sit-ups, push-ups, squats and lunges are quite healthy. Although they are healthy, they should not be done every day. After every power training the body needs at least 36 hours to recover. This is because power training essentially injures your muscles in such a way that when it recovers it is stronger than before. Also any form of power training, if not done well or properly, is not efficient and could be harmful to you. That's why you should get a qualified proffesional who can observe your faults in the excrsise and give you feadback to correct them. This way you train your muscles safely and more effectively.